“The European Commission’s e-Inclusion policies and projects: how can I be included ?” e-Inclusion Ministerial Conference

During the conference there were shortly presented projects and policies connected with the problem of e-Inclusion – how to solve this problem. Both are long term undertakings, prepared for the future. In brief – it’s an investment - in people, for the next years.
I did not know that problem of e-Inclusion is such a significant problem, not only in Poland, the place where I live, but in all high developed countries UE.
Programs are addressed mainly to elderly people, because they are the biggest group of people with digital illiteracy.
Policies of many countries are targeted to implement advanced information and communication technologies in daily life, such as eHealth or e-Government . But how to put this project in life when so many people don’t have any computer knowledge? In what way teach people how to use public e-services?
There are many people responsible for solving this issue. One of them is Katarzyna Bałucka-Dębska – representative of ICT PSP project

We know what the problem is, we can measure it and see its range.
To air my views, the main problem in digital illiteracy is not lack of implementing instruments but the issue how to carry out and coordinate projects.
What is more, in e-Inclusion policy the most significant strategy is sharing knowledge with others. To solve the problem of digital illiteracy government policy and projects and also diverse projects regarding e-Inclusion, have to be connected to each other and complementary. To do it they have to work together.

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Comment by Lize De Clercq on November 30, 2008 at 17:10
ANETA!!!! This is blogpost is really really good! I am wondering how many more of you bloggers are discovering the talent for blogger journalism inside of you, because what I am reading here just speaks by itself! CONGRATULATIONS. I have nothing to add: you have put links, names, the right tags. I should say 10/10 :)

Something else: I just asked our telecentre-europe co-chair Gabi Barna to take a look at the site, read your blogs and add some comments, because blogging is also about commenting!

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