The Future of Business is happening on the Internet.

 "The Future of Business is (already) happening on the need basic ICT Skills to participate". A recent observation from HP:


VoxWorld.Coop is a Social Brand developed over many years - part of the so-called Social Marketplace, the Social Economy, or the Third Sector - and is a social brand that is dedicated to promoting the values of many different kinds Communities, those disenfranchised (or excluded) with a purposeful Vision for themselves, often one not yet articulated in any great depth; but whose Voice has not yet been heard nor heeded. VoxWorld.Coop differs in that it is self-described as an 'Organisations without an Organisation' (to borrow a quote from Charles Leadbetter, talking at TED Conference about the Mountainbike phenomenon), being a collaboration of like-minded people and Orgs who believe passionately in and share the clamour for that desired and much needed Change in Society today. Collectively we all see that 'acting together' this Change is entirely possible to-day, accessable through technology with basic ICT skills; but most of all when accompanied by a deep respect for each others culture and language. Our contribution to this Change is as that of Enablers, through new ways and new ideas, of self-representation by Communities of the powerful values that lie deep and often dormant within the vast so-called Third Sector that flies under-the-radar while the Public & Private Sectors dominate most of the public attention and clamour. We....those disparate Communities of Co-operatives, Digitally Excluded, Financiallu Excluded, Diaspora Roots, Culture Tourism, Artisans World and Third Sector Orgs (Community, Voluntary & Social Enterprise sectors).....those currently in the Exclusion Zone...can now refocus and become centred on the opportunities-of-a-lifetime that now present themselves for so many people through this emerging Digital World, joining the Digital Society that now surrounds us all.

I look forward to your involvement and making your Vision a reality for your Community. To start at the beginning, we see the adoption of Digital Literacy as the defining moment for every Community.  

This month then sees two major events that matter deeply to those in the Exclusion Zone - Last week saw the next wave of the changemaking Digital Agenda Europe (DAE) with its "Innovation for Digital Inclusion" Conference in Poland, under guidance of the dynamic EU Commissioner, VP Neelie Kroes,to be followed by DAE's 'Going Local' in all 27 x EU countries this October And on 31st October 2011 is the Launch of the International Year of Cooperatives 2012.  at United Nations, New York.

To coincide with these plans, VoxWorld.Coop has introduced a comprehensive range of Custom USB Flash Drives with the stated purpose of enabling your Community to "Light up your Village with E-Commerce".

The USB's are deliverable direct to any TeleCentre Community in all 27 x EU countries immediately and are customisable with your Country/ Community Brand together with optional preloading of Local Content, and come with a wide range of new ideas and new ways to spark your thinking. These USB's are deliverable (where VoxWorld.Coop is the Community enabler, where the Communities are led by their local Champions, or Volunteers, or Community-based Orgs, or even Culture Brands etc) with multiple options and opportunities....from among an array of USB colours, designs & capacities; plus preloadable Content from audio books, eBooks, music, languages to culture tourism or even eco/sustainable tourism; with features and optional eVouchers, advertising & promotional ways; perhaps with Public, Private or Social sector incentivisations ideas; with Digital Literacy & eSkills programmes, interactive learning, modular & self-paced home learning; with monthly library collections or home library series perhaps....its endless....all the way to inclusion of Jobs, Traded Services and Village Coop eCommerce ooportunities.

AND all products and services commit to provision of a unique Social Purchasing levy of 5% gross, to provide for a local microfinance investment fund to generate Village's E-CO Hubs and create local digitally enabled Jobs & Trades.

The USB's are deliverable in individual packaging in small volumes or, alternatively, with high volumes in our patented VoxLabs Merchandiser....the latter being a proven high impact 'smartbox', a customisable display concept system that was designed by VoxLabs to draw immediate attention of your intended audience, to drive demand or release latent demand at point-of-sale. Never before, we believe, has their been so much on offer nor has so much been possible in such a small device in your pocket as the USB Flash Drive, what is a memory stick less than the size of your thumb or even on a card, in a pen, on a neckstrap or wristband, AND open to every Community in every Country in Europe today....., ; all as a contribution to and in support of DAE's "Every European Digital" programme, in association with their Big Idea Community and Schoolnet's: "Digital Literacy & e-Inclusion". Now is the time for your Community to become involved.

You can see full USB details at front page on how to become involved and make it Work for your Community, or you can contact us by email at  USB's are supplied direct from our authorised provider, complete with your custom Logo and (optional) uploaded local, regional or global Content.

Richard O'Farrell
Founder & Social Innovator


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