The Intel® Learn program creates positive impact on girls

The Intel® Learn digital literacy program is an education initiative that provides technology education to youth around the world, equipping learners with skills in digital literacy, collaboration, creativity, and critical problem solving. 

A study of the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) reveals that the program has created positive impact on female learners.

Intel® Learn

Established in 2003, Intel® Learn has been implemented in sixteen countries and has reached more than 1,75 million youth, 875.000 of whom are girls and young womenThe program does not only increases students’ access to technology, but more importantly, it also teaches them how to use the technology through hands-on projects to address real-life problems.

The Gender Lens

Recently released results of a study have revealed that the program has been able to reach a large number of girls and women and enhance their technology skills, critical thinking, and self-confidence, improving their effectiveness as students, community members, and businesswomen.

ICRW’s assessment found that the strategies and components of the Intel Learn program have successfully targeted girls’ needs and interests, provided girls and women with necessary skills and resources, empowered them to have control over their resources and make decisions, and set them on a path for economic empowerment.

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The Intel® Learn Program Through a Gender Lens

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