The Internet - The genie in the lamp for any desire! Oltea Doamna High School, Oradea, Romania

As soon as we have heard about the All Digital Week campaign, we reconsidered the importance of Internet in everybody’s life, because nowadays you can find any information about everything you want in no time. That is why using it is extremely important and knowing how to do it is vital. Since there is no age limit, any news, tutorial, specialized advice is just a click away.

We focused on two generations: 9-year-old students from the "Oltea Doamna" Primary School, Oradea, Romania, and their grandparents - people we highly admire. We have successfully consolidated the bond in our previous meetings so far, realizing the importance of grandparents’ in our students' lives. We were glad to see the great impact the invitation has had on both categories. The elderly ones were looking forward to meeting each other again, meanwhile the little ones were eager to find out more about programming on the Internet.

The activity took place in the Informatics lab, where every grandchild proudly showed their grannie or grandpa how well they could handle the situation. They explained the advantages of using a type of search: the fastest and the most accurate and updated of all other classical sources. There is an answer for every search, like a genie from a bottle that can fulfilд any wish in seconds.

The elder guests created their group to keep in touch, searched a lot of facts from various domains. In all this time, their beloved grandkids started programming using Minecraft, a game that conquered their hearts for good. All necessary guidance was given by students from the Secondary School - the 6th grade, happy to help at any time.

Grandparents offered homemade sweets, cookies, pies, doughnuts, etc. - many of them made after recipes taken from the Internet - for every participant in this activity, which they hope to have other parts to be continued.

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