The Results Are In! Meet your Most Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers

After weeks of public voting and much deliberation by our judges, Foundation is pleased to announce that we have the results from the Global Search competition to determine the Most Outstanding Telecen.... Here are the winners for each region:

Congratulations to all our winners!

The winners of the Most Outstanding Telecentre Woman Manager title will not only be presented with a plaque of recognition, they will also receive a brand-new netbook for use in their work. In addition, winners will be awarded an all-expense paid trip to attend a Recognition Ceremony to be held in a regional telecentre network event (specific place and date to be determined per region).

All winners of the Global Search for the 100 Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers will receive a plaque of recognition and a gift bag from Foundation. They will also be featured in the book, "Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers: 100 Stories", which will be released in 2012.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to the efforts of our esteemed panels of judges across the globe:


  1. Paul Barera - Chairman, NetAfrica and KNACT; Executive Director Rwanda Telecentre Network (RTN)
  2. Maureen Agena - Program Manager,  Text to Change, Uganda
  3. Dean Mulozi - Regional Facilitator, Southern Africa Telecentre Network (SATNET)
  4. Nkurunziza Jean Paul - Burundi Telecentre Network
  5. Wendpanga Malick Sawadogo - Executive Director NetAfrica; Chairman, Burkina Telecentre Network
  1. Melinda  Bandalaria - Dean, University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU)
  2. Florencio Ceballos - Senior Program Specialist, International Development Research Centre (IDRC) Canada
  3. Partha Sarker - Communication Advisor, Federal Government of Canada; Former Project Officer,
  1. Ekaterina Fedotova - Director,  Your Course: Digital Literacy Program, PH International, Russia
  2. Aitpayeva Svetlana - Project Manager, Tech Age Teens (TAT), IREX/ Kazakhstan
  3. Victor Koroli - Executive Director, Alianta CCAII, Moldova
  1. Gabriela Barna - Chair, Telecentre-Europe AISBL
  2. Ian Clifford - Deputy Chair, Telecentre-Europe AISBL
  3. Laurentiu Bunescu - Operations Manager, Telecentre-Europe AISBL
Latin America & the Caribbean
  1. Olga Paz - COLNODO
  2. Ethel de Kuri - Conexión El Salvador
  3. Angélica Abdallah - Asociación Argentina de Teletrabajo
Middle East and North Africa
  1. Ashraf Qadah - Egypt-ICT Trust Fund
  2. Ahmed Toimah - Egypt-ICT Trust Fund
  3. Karim Kasim - Director, MENA Region

The Global Search for the 100 Outstanding Telecentre Women Managers was implemented in partnership with the Asia Pacific Telecentre Network (APTN), the Latin America and Caribbean Network (LAC), the Eurasian Telecentre Network (ETN), the Middle East and North African Telecentre Network (MENA), NetAfrica, and Telecentre-Europe. It is a component of the Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign, a joint initiative by the International Telecommunication Union and Foundation.

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