The Social Hackathon Umbria 2017 in Foligno (Italy)

Juniors hackers involved in the four-day marathon for the development of creative digital projects proposed by experienced hackers who responded to the three challenges for the digital valorization of cultural heritage of Foligno Municipality.


More than 70 hackers took part in the second edition of the Social Hackathon Umbria (website only in Italian), at the Study Center City of Foligno last 19-22 October 2016, supporting the Digital Agenda of the Umbria Region and Foligno's candidacy as Italian Capital of Culture 2020.

Four training courses on Mobile App development, Digital Storytelling in AR & VR, Rendering 3D and Events media coverage were activated in preparation for the 4 days of Hackathon. The courses were targeted at 60 high school students, junior developers, digital artists, communicators and designers, who have then participated in the Hackathon by forming teams for the development of creative digital projects proposed by the Senior hackers who responded to the call.

This year, in view of the 2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage, the focus was on Digital Cultural Heritage with three thematic challenges: Quintana 4D, Augmented Tourism and Public Digital Arts.

  • QUINTANA 4D is a City Lab on Cultural Open Data and Augmented Reality for the digital enhancement of the Quintana's Historical Re-enactment. The challenge was to develop an App for the dynamic and interactive fruition of the digital contents produced during the various phases of the laboratory.
  • AUGMENTED TOURISM. Originating from the confluence between the Topino and Menotre rivers, the Municipality of Foligno extends for over 270 km2 in areas predominantly mountainous.  The challenge was to design a thematic historical, cultural and naturalistic itinerary augmented by communication, attraction and technological solutions.
  • DIGITAL PUBLIC ART. One of the objectives of the Study Center City of Foligno is to transform the historical city centre in a widespread laboratory of digital art. The challenge was to identify a public space to be transformed into a "museum" for the enhancement of the past, present and future cultural identity of the city.

For each challenge, two proposals were selected and developed by 6 teams led by an experienced team manager. During the 48 hours of Hackathon, the teams created a pitch or a prototype presented in front of a jury for the award of a cash prize of €1000.

The projects, all equally attractive and competitive were: ARQuintana, Quintana4DApp, Play Foligno, Global Foligno Ambassadors, Foligno 4D and Post-Memory.

In addition to the main contest, #SHU2017 proposed a series of side-events focused on digital innovation and cultural heritage: ‘Digital Invasions’, ‘Quintana 4D Museum’, ‘Foligno2020’, ‘Coderdojo’, ‘Desing Innovation’.

After the verdict of an expert jury, and a fantastic brunch to celebrate the end of the event, the teams that were nominated “Best Digital Cultural Innovator 2017” were:




Thanks to the success of the first and second edition, we have already anticipated that there will be a Social Hackathon Umbria 2018... where you will be all invited to participate!

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