TMA Kids program at the e-Facilitator Summer School in Rovinj!

The first Summer School for e-facilitators has been held last week (from June 22nd to 28th), organized and implemented by Telecentar in cooperation with partner organizations. In Rovinj, our host was Centre M.A.R.E where three parallel programs were held: for coordinators, e-facilitators and special multimedia program for children – TMA Kids. TMA Kids program was based on the project learning model adapted for children from ages 8 to 13, in which kids expressed their creativity through photography, sound and video recording. The program took place in a pleasant atmosphere at Centre M.A.R.E where children had the opportunity to see how adults participated in the same program and achieved intergenerational dialogue with e-facilitators.

Summer school was a place to gain knowledge through experience: observation, research, creation and creative expression. This course was designed for children so that they could fully realize experiential learning that leads to permanent knowledge, because students remember and apply learned content easier and faster in contact with nature and practice. Children also met the natural and cultural values of the town of Rovinj through sensory knowledge and research activities and built new friendships.

Within the week, through new daily projects, the children learned new ways of using multimedia. The first day was reserved for getting to know each other and conversations about the planned activities. The second day we were ready for the photography workshop. After discussions and lectures on the history of photography, the basics of photography (rule of thirds, composition, frame, etc.), mobile devices, with which we took pictures, we were ready for the first practical task. Children have started to explore the interior and exterior of the Centre M.A.R.E, creating their first photos. Through laughter and play, using their mobile devices, they have experienced the process of creative media work. After the practical work, we have examined and analyzed the photos, noting what was good and what was not and what we have to pay attention to next time. In this way children critically thought about photography as art. Having learned from the first experience, we went for a walk in Rovinj where the children applied what they have learned and displayed that by taking photos of their view of the city of Rovinj. Beautiful Rovinj, a pleasant walk and the occasional ice cream were the right motivation and inspiration for beautiful photos that were captured that day.

Sound was the next topic of our project - radio dramas. The day was dedicated to sound and creating different sounds through short exercises. Then we re- read and analyzed literary templates that we decided to tape and shape into two radio dramas. It was interesting to see children playing with sound and to listen to the color and tone of their voices. The end result were two radio dramas which we were proud to play to the other participants in the Summer school. Satisfied with our previous work, the next day we decided to take advantage of the nice weather and took a trip to the Red Island (the island of St. Andrew) where we enjoyed walking, swimming and playing in the beautiful setting of the island and deservedly took a break. The last days were dedicated to creating videos and posters of the Summer school using graphic design.

While discussing the basics of film theory and the process of creating a video, children have expressed a desire to create an independent video in the form of a film exercise. They have come up with a short script, story and decided to realize their idea and record their first joint film exercise. Through the form of short video children were introduced to the basic principles of work in the field of video production and editing, and thus developed digital and creative skills by acquiring new knowledge in the field of media. With the help of our colleague Danijel Borna Fiket  we set up a real set and kids had the opportunity to experience what it's like to be in front of and behind of the camera during an interview.

During the program, time was reserved for the workshop My experience of the city organized by the Association for the Promotion of Visual Culture OPA (teachers of the workshops were Jelena Bračun Filipović and Ida Loher). At the workshop, the children had an opportunity to get to know the urban legality of the city center through a series of tasks, practiced getting around by using a map and tried out different means of expressing their own perceptions. A walk through the town by using a map and the process of writing down the names of some streets identified specific details. After analyzing the observed they discussed about the different views of the city and the opportunities that they offer. Through photos they  told their story about the town and their view of it, which was gathered in a common video through which they have become familiar with the technique of stop animation.

The evening hours of the Summer School were reserved for movie nights (with the exception of a karaoke-party) so we watched movies The Goonies, a silent black and white film The Kid (Charlie Chaplin), the animated movie Spirited Away and Fury.

The last day, the participants presented their final work and achievements at the closing ceremony and delighted adult learners of the Summer School with their photos, radio dramas, interviews and short film.

The TMA Kids program was held by the e-facilitators Ana Markotić from Telecentar and Martina Mladenović from Green Gold.


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