Training in digital skills for seniors in the UK

Our ICTSkills4All project partner Cybermoor (UK) shares their experience of running training courses for the elderly during the pandemic:

We started the ICT Skills4All project in 2018, the world was a very different place – we could not imagine that face to face learning would be so risky for seniors a few months later.  Cybermoor has a long history of helping people develop their ICT skills through face-to-face and online training, and we knew that face-to-face always comes out as the most popular way of learning for over 55s.  A trainer in the room is a reassuring presence as learners go through tentative early steps.

When the partners og the consortium last met in January 2020 in England, we were looking ahead to a busy year where we would work with ICT trainers and enthusiastic senior learners. Groups of people had signed up to courses, rooms had been booked and laptops bought.

During March 2020, as the scale of COVID-19 pandemic became clear, we had to rethink our plans.  Our learners were in a high risk group of getting COVID-19, and lockdown prevented gatherings of people to stop the spread of the virus.  We waited for things to improve, but lockdown highlighted some real problems – many homes still did not have a suitable internet connection, and now everyone had to do their business and socialising online.  Those seniors without the skills were in trouble….  

Our training programme resumed in Autumn 2020 and focused on basic skills but also big areas of concern  like Cyber security.  Online fraud for seniors has become a massive problem during lockdown.

ICTSkills4All demonstrates how can we use online materials to do basics skills and make training super - relevant for seniors, even when they cannot be in the same room as a trainer.  The project’s transnational partners from Portugal, Latvia, Poland and Belgium have all managed amazingly during the pandemic.  They cannot wait to share their experiences with you at a special conference on the morning of 10th February.  Please sign up for the event here 



Cybermoor (CYB) is a social enterprise located in Alston, in the North Pennines – UK. The remoteness of the community led to the establishment of Cybermoor in 2002, providing training, broadband and PCs to improve access to services and overcome isolation.

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