How to solve multiple problems such as youth unemployment, vanishing relationships between younger and older generations, digital divide? What if we would bring seniors and youth into an environment where they could communicate and exchange their ideas and experiences? A place where seniors act as mentors and help youth to make decisions about their future carriers, help them decide what is important in life, how to prepare for an important job interview and maybe how to get a first job in their life. In return, youth act as teachers and teach seniors about digital skills that would be useful in their everyday life. There are also intermediaries called eFacilitators who are trained and prepared who help the two generations meet together and maintain the ever so important intergenerational dialog.

It sounds great in theory, but how is it in reality? Trans eScouts project has accomplished exactly that and now wants to share the results, experiences and feedback from project participants with everyone who is interested. A final conference of a project Trans eScouts will be held in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 11th of September where project partners will share their results and insights about the project success in Lithuania, Latvia and Croatia. Project participants will share their experiences and impressions on the whole project achievements.

The conference will have guest speakers from the European Commission, Lithuanian government representatives and others who will speak about the issues of digital divide and youth unemployment. Group discussions will be held where two groups of participants will discuss topics of: 1) youths involvement in the process of bridging the digital divide and seniors' role in helping the young to develop personal and social competences for a better preparation for the labour market; 2) available tools and resources that can be used to promote intergenerational dialog and to tackle the problem of youth unemployment.

For further information visit: project website

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