TRANS eScouts project participant's feedback

We have received an e-mail with a comprehensive and very positive feedback from one of our TRANS eScouts project participants - Valerija Gollerytė - describing her impressions of her participation in the project. Here is what she wanted to share:

"I was very lucky to have an exceptional opportunity to take part in a very useful Project for elderly people – TRANS eScouts Project. I am a listener at Medardas Čobotas Third Age University in Vilnius. The Third Age is associated with the human period, when a person completes his or her working activities, but remains still rather active mentally, emotionally, and physically from 60 up to 75 or even 80.

We belong to the post war generation, which is nowadays called baby boomers. In the active employment period we fell behind with information technologies. That's why in the Third Age it is necessary for us to adapt to the environment in order to remain independent and active as long as possible, because this is economic benefit both personally and socially. That's why even 20 participants have registered when the association Langas į ateitį has invited to take part in the Project in cooperation with the young generation. We would like to give special thanks to the association Langas į ateitį for having invited us to participate in the Project.

During the whole of the Project, the Project participants-elderly people were able to establish warm relations with their young teachers – eScouts. Young people shared with us very useful modern computer knowledge, which is crucially important in our everyday life nowadays. The teaching approach was very interesting for all of us, and the training content was rather useful for me and for my colleagues, because the youngsters introduced the elderly people to the e-mail creation technique, google products, web search, useful links, have taught the seniors to use Skype and Facebook, familiarized them with creating presentations.

The elders for their part helped the youngsters to create personal development plans and profile in career planning website. They together analyzed some issues relevant to young people. For some of us it was unexpected to have lessons at the libraries but all of us came to the conclusion that the libraries are just the right place where the elderly people can achieve modern knowledge. Namely in the library they keep safe, because the help is always at hand.

Especially we were very lucky to have such a wonderful project moderator as Julija Glosaitė. Her sincerity, dedication, flexibility, goodwill accompanied us through the Project. We were also surprised by young people kindness and their wish and goodwill to convey their knowledge to the elders. Youngsters were very patient and devoted to their work with the seniors. And I think this cooperation of youngsters and elders is mutually useful and in the future planned projects may be used as a good practice.

For elderly people assimilation of Information Technologies helps them better adapt in a rapidly changing world and give more confidence and self-sufficiency.
The listeners of Medardas Čobotas Third Age University are open to new learning opportunities and always wishing to participate in new projects. Our listeners also think that the knowledge acquired in the Third Age, will help us a lot in the Fourth Age."

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