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 I have recently been offered the opportunity by the Maltese National Agency for the Erasmus+ - EUPA to attend a contact seminar entitled “Digital competences for staff in adult education” in Cologne. This seminar was organised by the national Agency of the Erasmus+ in Germany - NABIBB

Please read on about my great experience at this seminar and find out how you can also participate!

The contact seminar was a networking event that aimed at bringing together people from organizations which share common interests, who want to develop European cooperation projects/partnerships in the field of education and vocational training.

The event was a great partner finding opportunity and together we were able to take part in workshops to partner up and draft project plans with organisations with similar interests. Furthermore, it also allowed access to more information about the Erasmus+ programme and the exchange of knowledge between the different organisations that were present at the seminar.  

Another important aspect of the seminar was the exchange of good practices between different partners which enabled me to meet new people from organizations with a great experience in the Erasmus+ programme.

Moreover, an important aspect of the seminar was that NA experts were present and went around each workshop to guide us draft the best project plan.

In the evening the NA also made sure to organise a dinner for all partners to enjoy at a traditional German restaurant, which ensured that all partners continue to build on their relationships with one another.

Finally, attending this contact seminar was not only a great opportunity to learn more about the Erasmus+ program and to exchange knowledge with other organisations, but also a fun experience.


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