UdL Digital Roundtables: Agenda setting for digital inclusion

The UdL Digital Roundtables, organized by Stiftung Digitale Chancen, are an agenda-setting regular series of events, combining an online debate in the virtual world with a real life discussion on the spot.


Roundtables on the spot

The UdL Digital Roundtable debates focus on different target groups & topics of digital inclusion. Bringing together relevant stakeholders of the specific fields of action, topics discussed at the UdL Digital Roundtable so far were:

  • “Basic literacy in the information society”
  • “Children's rights and parental obligations in the digital world”
  • “Being mobile – migrants in the digital world.”
  • “Too old for the internet? Get online with new mobile devices!”
  • “You can´t teach an old dog new tricks if he doesn't know how to use the internet - Lifelong learning in the digital society.”
  • “Go green! Ecological sustainable media consumption.”

Previous online discussion

Regularly, three weeks ahead of the Roundtable on the spot, an online discussion at www.alle.de/diskussionen (see Screenshot) is launched, and the online community is invited to comment on five provocative statements in 140 characters.

The debate is also accessible via a free iphone app called alle.de - so "all" are enabled to take part in the debate!

Through the online discussion phase, the ground is being prepared for the real life debate at the event. Also, it ensures that a broad variety of opinions come into the focus of the Roundtable.

Impact of the results

When the Roundtable debates finish, the results are published at http://www.alle.de/diskussionen/udl

Based on those results, various activities for Digital Inclusionhave been initiated, among these:

  • Co-operation with the German Library Association for the improvement of Digital Skills of children and youths (age 3 – 18)
  • Cooperation between the Turkish branch of E-Plus, Ayildiz and Radio Metropol, a Turkish radio station in Germany, to improve employability of young migrants children and teenagers (Result of Roundtable 3
  • BASE Tab project – (Result of Roundtable 4 – further information in blogpost Tablet PCs for seniors)
  • Publication of an article “Vorsicht Internet – Eltern haften für Ihre Kinder” in: Dr. Ingrid Stapf, Prof, Dr. Burkhard Fuhs, Prof. Dr. Roland Rosenstock. Kinder im Social Web (Result of Roundtable 2)

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Comment by Juan Francisco Delgado on October 8, 2012 at 19:47

Great Sven.
You have made a very interesting experience to encourage citizen participation through the real and digital. Combining discussion groups on the ground and take it to digital simultaneously greatly enhances the work and motivation of the groups. This is at least our experience. Besides generating action following discussion gives a great value to your work. Doing it with socially vulnerable groups is also a great achievement. Now we will discuss in the coming days. Thanks Sven

Comment by Ian Clifford on October 5, 2012 at 8:57

Sven, I love the format of this event! The concept of having an initial 140chr discussion on the topic to get people started is brilliant! 

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