Unite IT partners discussed important next steps in Brussels

The fourth Unite IT consortium partners’ meeting took place in Microsoft office in Brussels at the end of February.
Partners from eight organisations implementing the Unite IT project discussed what has been achieved so far and what still needs to be done during the following months. Erik Ballhausen attended the meeting on behalf of the project funding body EACEA (*Educational, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency) and gave the partners a lot of useful insights and advice. He underlined that the biggest value of a professional network like Unite IT is that everyone in it can find something useful for themselves and that sharing and collaboration is genuinely happening. And he sees this clearly in Unite IT.

Partners decided on important issues such as the date of the next (and final) Unite IT Annual Conference on e-Inclusion, which will take place on 23rd – 25th September in Belgrade and will be hosted by Unite IT partner International Aid Network (IAN). The conference will take an innovative format with a lot of discussions and space for exchanges and knowledge sharing. A “world café” and networking session, among other interactive activities, will ensure that the participants get the best of the two days they will spend in the Serbian capital.

The Unite IT portal will soon be updated. In addition to the collection of good practices and policies on digital inclusion, its database will include a new section with practical resources and tools, such as training curricula, teacher’s handbooks, etc. These resources will be collected from various e-Inclusion actors in different languages.

Since March 2015 the Unite IT also has a new Community Manager – Gordana Stankov from IAN who will update network members about the latest developments in e-Inclusion in Europe, facilitate discussions and help new members around all the different possibilities for collaboration the network offers.

Stay tuned for this year’s call for e-Inclusion good practices in the four categories, which will be launched very soon! Winners will be invited to the e-Inclusion Annual conference in September! And don’t forget to check out the second Annual Report “Digitally Empowered Europe”.

The Lifelong Learning Programme project, which created the Unite IT network, will officially end in October this year and this last official partners’ meeting, but the Unite IT “founders” will definitely continue to meet and collaborate after that. Unite IT is a unique project in this sense, because it is about creating a network of people working for digital inclusion and one thing is for sure – the network will not stop existing after the project’s formal end as long as its members continue to work together and share their ideas and experience!

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