University Third Age's students active again

Open the Windows team already visited the University Third Age for Get online week 2013. Then Open the Windows's team organize a debate “Information technology and the third age: Opportunity or difficulty”. From then till now students are very interested for digital skills. Because of that this year we organized workshops with University Third Age students. First we planned a one week workshop, but because of the free driving tickets on Tuesday and Friday for retired people, we changed the timing. Last week we had two workshops with the students:

On the first workshop students were guided how to open and personalize their own user and how to adapt on their own needs. For example how to make the icons bigger, how to make the mouse pointer bigger and other accessibility options.

On the second workshop students repeated the previous knowledge and were shown how to open, save and rename a folder, how to open a new word document, how to change language and size of the letters.  Students were very interested and satisfied. Our next meeting is in Friday and we agreed to show then how to use internet.

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