Upcoming: free webinar on Telecentres and Social Entreprises (in English and in Spanish)

Next week, Telecentre.org Foundation and Intel are organizing two webinars on Telecentres and Social Enterprises. The first webinar takes place on Monday, August 27 at 20h00 CEST*, will be in Spanish and presented by Paula Cardenau from Ashoka. The second webinar takes place on Thursday, August 30 at 12h CEST*, will be in English and presented by Scott Anderson from Next Billion.

Social Enterprise is a model with great potential to advance telecentres' mission while strengthening its social, organizational and financial sustainability. It represents a blend between profit-making entities and mission-driven organizations, that bring telecentres one step closer to address the needs of the communities they served, while builds innovative business solutions, collaborative networks, and spreads social innovation.

Some telecentre practitioners and leaders are advancing social enterprise models (ATN and CDI in Brasil, Drishtee in India and BIID Network in Bangladesh). However, most of the networks, knowledge workers and partner organizations remain distance from what could be a powerful force to drive sustainability.

Ashoka and Next Billion are among the most important world players on the fields of social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and social innovation.

In this webinar of the TIS Talks series on Technology, Innovation and Sustainability, speakers from both organizations will present the following contents:

1. What is a social enterprise?
2. How has the social enterprise concept evolved, and what is its currently stage of development?
3. What is the relationship between social enterprise and development? (Examples of high-impact SE)
4. What are the opportunities to address social issues through the social enterprise model?
5. Social enterprise and development of BoP* businesses. (Examples)
6. ICT and social enterprise (Successful models, and the road ahead)

» Join the free webinars at engageteachers.adobeconnect.com/telecentre at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time.

(*) CEST= Central European Summer Time = GMT+2 (convert to your local time)

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