Hello Everyone in Telecentres across the Continent!

I recently attended a Grundtvig training for Videobridging.

In case you don't know what videobridging is, its basically using teleconference equipment to connect groups of people in different locations with a shared agenda.

So its a bridge between groups and not teleonferencing, which is usually just one individual or another small group to one. And not telepresencing which is very high quality table set up, with mirrors and lights and special cameras, to look like you are actually sitting at the same table.

We are particularly focusing on bringing VIDEOBRIDGING to as many communities as possible and when in Vienna I was working to help set some standards.

If you are interested feel free to join us on our VIDEOBRIDGE NING that you can find here:


You might wonder if we have any concrete projects, well yes we do:

1. An e-democracy project where a Polish NGO is using videobridging to connect district councils with village and small town councils.

2. A police project that is being used between Latvia and Northumbria in the UK.

3. An education project that is connecting several training locations with teachers in small villages in Greece. As its expensive an difficult for teachers to go to trainings far away the centres will allow short sessions in the evenings.

All these projects are quite new and others are certainly possible that can save money, time, reduce traveling inconvenience as well as helping to connect rurally isolated communities. They happen to be more environmentally friendly too.

So come on over if you have any proposals or are just curious to know what we are doing at a European level. We hope to have further trainings and conferences to involve both technical people (engineers, computer hackers etc.) and community wokers (social hacktavists, project leaders and group organizers).


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