Vote for the WSIS Prize 2016 Before 10 March 2016 Deadline

Gedaref digital city organization sudan (GDCO Sudan) is nominated for the WSIS prize 2016 with two projects (e-Education & e-Agriculture) in CATEGORY 2 and CATEGORY 13. We hope you vote for it

            How to vote in English          شرح طريقة التصويت بالعربي 

    you can click below link start voting   بعد قراءة الشرح انقر الرابط ادناه

1- ابدء التصويت بدخول حسابك القديم  اوإذا قمت بالتصويت من قبل (click here) ويمكنك استعادت كلمة السر اذا نسيتها بادخال بريدك الالكتروني Forgot password

2- أو انشاء حساب جديد بملا البيانات  من الرابط هنا او تحت وقم بتشيط الحساب من داخل بريدك الالكتروني وبتلقي رساله من  WSIS Stocktaking  اذا لم تجدها راجع البريد السي  SPAM or JUNK ثم ادخل للتصويت من هذا الرابط

3- قم بالتصويت من 1 الي 18 وصوت لمشروع واحد فقط من كل مجموعة  

4- مشروعات منظمة القضارف الرقمية Gedaref digital city organization في المجموعة 2 والمجموعة 13

e-Education CATEGORY 2

e-Agriculture category 13

1- login to your old account (click here) (you can recover your old password if you forget it (click here) OR Create new WSIS Stocktaking account (click here)  


2- From your registered email account activate your new WSIS stocktaking link account (check also junk mail or spam for the WSIS stocktaking activation link) and login (click here) to start voting 

3-Start voting for one project in each category and from 1 to 18 category

4- Gedaref digital city organization Sudan is in CATEGORY 2 (e-Education project) & category 13 (e-Agriculture project)


e-Agriculture category 13


Gedaref Digital City Organization (GDCO Sudan) the member of the Global Telecentre Movement reached the semi-final in the World Summit on Information Society prize 2016 (WSIS Prize 2016) by two projects. The e-Education project in category 2 and the e-Agriculture project in category 13. We appreciate your voting to help us win the WSIS prize 2016 to add to our 7 international information for development awards we achieved.  

PLEASE CLICK to read more about GDCO Sudan in GOOGLE search engine, YouTube 1, YouTube 2, flickrs, telecentre, Europe ICT,, ITU partnership,

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