Voting for the WSIS Project Prizes 2013 now open

It’s time to show your support once again for the outstanding players in the telecentre movement. Several telecentre projects have been nominated for the World Summit on Information Society Project Prizes 2013–including Foundation’s own Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign – and they need your votes to win!

» To vote for the Telecentre Women: Digital Literacy Campaign in the category for Capacity Building (Category 4), click here.


To read about and vote for projects from telecentre networks and partners, see the list below:

Guidelines on voting:

The voting process is open to all WSIS Stakeholders and will be conducted entirely online. Voters will have to register and login to the WSIS website (if you voted in the previous competition, your username and password will still be valid). 

Only votes submitted through the WSIS Project Prizes 2013 website will be counted. The voting period has already started and will last until 15 March 2013. The voting process is divided into 18 steps, representing each of the 18 categories of the WSIS Project Prizes 2013.

Every stakeholder can vote for only one project per category. The voting can be spread over a period of time, by skipping a category. All votes must however be completed before the deadline of 15 March 2013.

Votes from stakeholders who do not complete the voting process by voting in each of the 18 categories will not be counted.

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