Wanted: Good practices on medialabs in public libraries

At this moment in the city of Ghent, an impressive new library is being built, it is part of a new beacon of innovation ‘De Krook’ (www.dekrook.be). At the end of next year this library will open its doors to the citizens of Ghent. The new library will be a hub for information, interaction, innovation, learning and creation. Many people will come to this spot and so it will be the ideal place to help people find their way in the world of multimedia. How? We are going to integrate a medialab: a place where people, schools and organisations can experiment with and learn to use all kind of media. To realize this we first want to take a look for good practices on medialabs (in public libraries). Do you have a good practice that you want to share, contact sara.vandamme@digipolis.be.

Thank you so much for inspiring us with your good practices on medialabs!

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