We are all digital! - ALL DIGITAL Week at Alba Iulia, Romania

ALL DIGITAL Week is an annual digital inclusion campaign initiated at European level by ALL DIGITAL (ex-Telecentre-Europe). Hai pe net 2018! is the Romanian version of the ALL DIGITAL Week campaign. Its ninth edition was implemented between 19-25 March 2018 by the EOS Foundation in partnership with the National Association of Public Libraries in Romania and the APDETIC Association.

National College "Horea, Cloşca şi Crişan" Alba Iulia was also this year's Telecentre of the Digital Literacy and Digital Inclusion Campaign. It supported the organization of online activities, from basic literacy classes to digital actions aimed at performance in the virtual environment. The coordinator of activities was teacher Ramona Humeniuc - Volunteer Scientix Ambassador for Romania.

Campaign Agenda at the Telecentre - The National College "Horea, Closca and Crişan" Alba Iulia included the following activities:

  • Monday, March 19, 2018 - Campaign launch - grades IX-XII
    • Promoting web accessibility www.e-accesibilitate.ro through creative activities with students (roundtables, debates on "What is Web Accessibility?" and "Web Pages and Accessibility”);
    • digital competency assessment using Skillage dedicated to young people - activities carried out with students in CDI (the Documentation and Information Center) and two laboratories of the Computer Center (www.skillage.eu );
    • "Online Teacher Training Courses" - Registering educators (the teachers, librarians) on Microsoft's educational portal https://education.microsoft.com/ to attend training courses, access and share educational resources in a community International Educational-Responsible teachers: Ramona Humeniuc, Codruta Muresan and one librarian- Lucretia Bârz.
  • Tuesday, March 20, 2018- "Stimulating Creativity and Logical Thinking through Creative Programming - Minecraft Education Edition" - demonstrative, practical activities with students from. IX-X classes, aiming at developing the attention, stimulating the curiosity through the game, encouraging the feeling of "desire to know more" –responsible teachers: Carmen Palcu, Mureşan Laura, Mureşan Codruţa.
  • Wednesday, March 21, 2018 - "CISCO NetAcad Cyber ​​Security" - students of the 9th-11th grades were involved in how to participate in the online course "Introduction to Cybersecurity" from CISCO through the program NetAcad. Students were selected to learn about cyber security as new technologies involve risks that can seriously affect the individual or organization, and the many hostile actions inthe cyber space are likely to affect the availability, integrity and confidentiality of the operation of computer systems - courses supported by teachers: Ramona Humeniuc, Carmen Palcu, Mureşan Laura and Mureşan Codruţa.
  • Thursday-Friday, March 22-23, 2018- "Digital Skills No Problem!" - 60 students of grades IX-XI enrolled for digital competency testing by free simulation of an IC3-Digital Literacy certification exam offered by Certipro Education www.certipro.ro . The National College "Horea, Cloşca and Crişan" is IC3 Testing Center, IC3 Global Standard 4/5 Certification (GS4 / GS5) comprising 3 separate exams: Computer Basics, Key Applications and Online Activities. Activity supported by professor Ramona Humeniuc.
  • Friday, March 23, 2018 - "First click! in the House of the 100 Souls "- workshop encouraging people from „The elderly home” in Alba Iulia, to make the first click with the students of the XIth A -mathematics-computer science. Activity dedicated to elderly people who got acquainted with a mobile device (laptop, tablet, phone) – responsible teachers: Ramona Humeniuc, Anca Balan.

Testimonials of participants:

  • "By playing Minecraft we have used basic computational concepts and started discussions with colleagues about boolean logic (NOT, AND, OR, etc.) Having cubes to create constructions you need to develop your visual sense quite well" (P.D.- grade 9th student)
  • "I have evaluated my core competencies and after testing I have seen that I am at the beginner level, so to get the qualification at the end of the 12th grade." Experimentally calified” in the baccalaureate-digital skills exam must deepen ICT "(S.I. student - class XI)
  • "I am glad that I have the opportunity to attend a free cyber security course, a state of normality that I do not know much about" ( P.M. student-class X)
  • "We mobilized today for the benefit of the elderly, many visually impaired people, but happy and proud to be aware of the younger generations and having come into contact with mobile technology, witnessing the first click on the tablet or the first touch on your phone. We have enjoyed this success together and hope to continue such volunteering actions in the future. All the esteem for the desire for knowledge and the perseverance of the wonderful grandparents! "(O.A.-grade 11th student) 

    ***At this point, Romania ranks first in terms of the number of events on the map until today, as can be seen from the picture below.

    Digital literacy and inclusion activities marked the week of digital inclusion in Romania, a campaign conducted because at the European level Internet access shows the need for improvement: 44% of European citizens do not have basic digital skills; 37% of the workforce is not ready for digital jobs; 14% of European citizens have never used the internet; 49% of citizens have never used a site to verify the truth of facts or news and because 72% of Europe's citizens believe their work will be replaced by robots.

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