In 2021, after the lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, the ALL DIGITAL WEEK boost a lifelong learning approach to improve digital skills, the importance of media literacy and critical thinking in the digital skills training process, as well as the need to understand the importance of programming, STEAM-based professions and the challenges posed by artificial intelligence or the opportunities offered by the digital cultural heritage.

We will carry on different actions, always keeping in mind the improvement of employability. Our network of Digital Competence Centers -NCC- is ready to continue improving the digital skills of citizens at the national and European level. Check out our special website:

In this context, between 22-28 March, the Digital Skills Programme for Employability of Extremadura launches 4 activities:

- Webinar ICT EXPERIENCE, Connections with experts on digital cultural heritage. Ylenia Cariani, from Egina, will share the keys on how the acquisition and training of digital skills can improve career options related to cultural heritage. Tuesday 23rd at 12 CET. Registration:

- Augmented reality (AR) on your resume workshop. With this workshop of 8-12 hours, participants will be provided with knowledge in the application of augmented reality, so that they can apply it to both their curriculum and their professional profile.

- Employment and dis/misinformation: Stop, reflect and verify. An interactive session that offers the training of specific digital skills in media literacy, to learn to interact critically with information and solve the risks associated with information overload and manipulation.

- The Artificial Intelligence Society. Interactive session based on, a tool to know the importance of Artificial Intelligence as a technology that affects all areas of life, changing the economy and business models in all sectors. It is an awareness-raising activity to understand what is, how it works, the potential and the risks of Artificial Intelligence in employment, in strategic sectors and in people's daily lives.

Let's go!

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