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"Teleki Domokos" Gymnasium in Gorneşti, Romania, is one of the schools in Mureş County that has carried out activities within the ALL DIGITAL Week, organised in Romania by the EOS Foundation. The target audience was unemployed adult learners from disadvantaged environments.

These people are enrolled in our lower secondary education programme. In this activity we  learned to search for useful information on the Internet, we created online CVs and we looked for jobs. Because these people are not native speakers of Romanian (they speak Hungarian) we have learned how to use google translations and dex online to help us translate different words.

This campaign was an opportunity for these people to learn to use different devices (tablets or smart phones). One of the participants had never used a smartphone or a tablet. They learned how to draft texts and how to search the internet for explanations of words using the online dictionary.

On 20 March, in the Romanian language class, we used new knowledge using tablets to translate or to search for information on the topics proposed by the national curriculum.

For those who had not used a tablet before, it was an exciting experience that had made connections between the studied material and social life.

Thank you, EOS Romania, for organising this campaign and for the information provided.

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