The IT for Youth project training center based in the Tomsk regional library started ALL DIGITAL Week with a series of Scratch training events for junior and middle schoolchildren to enable them to gain new skills and hands-on experience in programming. Their first participants were ten kids from one of the Tomsk orphanages.

Let’s start using Scratch is the name of the training the children were engaged in. Under the guidance of their mentors the young coders learned a bunch of interesting things with Scratch  - how to choose sprites (images on a Scratch computer program screen) and program scripts (instructions) to make the sprites do things; how to change the size of the sprites and the color of Scratch blocks.

The kids did not have any coding experience, yet they learned everything very quickly as Scratch is a great choice to start learning how to code.

 “Scratch is pretty much like Lego! I really enjoyed it!” one of the boys shared his experience with Scratch.

The first results were quite impressive – the kids created their first postcards in Scratch. Everyone was happy and eager to develop their coding skills further.

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