Can Tablet PCs facilitate the internet usage of senior citizens?

Together with our industry partner E-Plus, the 
Stiftung Digitale Chancen launched a new project with Android Tablet PCs for senior citizens. 60 Android tablet devices (with telephone function) will be given to individual seniors and to senior organizations.

The aim is to evaluate Tablet PC can stimulate the use of useful apps or websites among groups that are not yet familiar with the internet since they are not used to the daily work with mouse and keyboard and therefore their eye-hand-coordination is often struggling when using a normal computer.

Get Online Week 2012, the launch event in Germany was held in a modern senior residence in Bremen, where the seniors are living totally independent and have to organize their own life completely on their own. We hope that the Tablet PCs can help them improving their independence and try to find out, which apps and mobile websites can be useful to make their life easier.

We pre-installed mobility apps, news apps and also information apps. Further, we will have weekly consultation hours for the seniors to help them when there are certain problems with the device, like creating an account, installing or finding a proper app for the seniors needs. We plan to create a list of apps, that are helpful and easy to use for seniors.

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