I invite you to read the report presenting types of benefits provided to people by libraries entitled Why Poles need libraries?

The study was conducted after the three year experience of the Library Development Program, a joint venture between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Polish-American Freedom Foundation, implemented in Poland by the Information Society Development Foundation

Qualitative & quantitative data

The report includes both the quotes and stories gathered during the qualitative part of the research as well as hard data from quantitative research. This makes it possible to show the role and importance of libraries for the people and communities from different perspectives.


Two main conclusions from the study are:

  • In their localities, the libraries increasingly serve as the Third Place - a meeting place which is friendly and open to all, combining the advantages of private and public spaces. It is supportive, safe and friendly.
  • Libraries also give people access to ICT. In many small towns libraries are one of the few places where people can use free Internet, scanner or printer. Libraries also play an important role in reducing digital exclusion - as many as 37% of respondents used a computer for the first time in their life in the library. This factor is the most important for groups that are usually associated with the digital exclusion: farmers (55%), pensioners (48%) and unemployed (52%).

Media coverage

The report got a lot of attention from the Polish media (including nationwide tv & radio, press and the most important web portals), which focused on the ICT-connected benefits for the library users.

» Download & read the full report "Why_Poles_need_libraries"

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Comment by Morten Lembke on January 3, 2013 at 14:09

a very well documented and enlightening report.

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