Working group "Vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion"

Within the 6th Telecentre Europe’s annual summit held on Malta four group sessions were held. The working group Vulnerable groups at risk of exclusion discussed how new technologies can improve the status of vulnerable groups. There were nine participants from the following countries: Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Croatia, Hungary and Serbia. At the beginning the participants shared their experiences in working with vulnerable groups. We heard lessons learned from Czech Republic and how community radio helps Roma communities to share their experiences, promote their culture and advocate for own attitudes. Danish participants presented their work with seniors, promoting ICT skills through library network, and how ICT can improve their positions and how government can motivate the elderly community to use new technologies. Italy presented their efforts in promoting usage of ICT among seniors through tablet computers. Croatia presented their project focusing on blind persons, Hungary shared their learnings related to digital inclusion of the Roma community and Serbia presented e-inclusion education programmes for migrants, minorities, single mothers, seniors, children out of schools, persons with mental disabilities and how comprehensive packages of different courses improve their economic, social as well as psychological position.

Group members tried to define who vulnerable groups are and what criteria should be applied. The participants listed different vulnerability factors such as a) Age (over a certain age), b) Educational status (undereducated), c) Professional status (unemployed) and/or  d) those who do not have adequate digital competencies.

At the end the group concluded that in order to proceed with further group work clearer goals should be set, as well as online tools for sharing experiences and information. There were also ideas for setting up collaborative projects and fundraising for transferring (translating) resources and knowledge from Denmark.

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