Workshops and webinar on young people, women, entrepreneurship and ICTs close the activities of GOW 2015 in Spain

The Get Online Week in Spain closed in the morning of the 27th of March with a Webinar on Women, Entrepreneurship and ICTs, plus more than 90 training actions developed under the Technological Literacy Plan of Extremadura.

The Webinar, conducted by Ana Agudo, in charge of the TelecentreOrg Project, has enabled to disseminate a training plan focusing on women and young people willing to develop an ICT-based business project. This training path is receiving a great acceptance because it is filling a currently void training gap between introductory entrepreneurship training and business masters. Among other contents it covers product and market analysis plus communication and marketing plans.

Upon completion of the initial phase and the first courses, the project is currently being disseminated worldwide encouraging telecentre managers to deliver the courses so as to secure a higher involvement of final users and a higher impact in the territory.

After two weeks of dissemination over 100 telecentre managers have shown their interest in participating in this initiative.

The Get Online Week was launched last Monday with the International Meeting Point event held in Fuerteventura. Further actions adding up to those held within he framework of the Week include the more than 90 training actions developed in Extremadura under the Technological Literacy Plan whose methodology is based on Providing Training, Information and Guidance, three concepts that sum up the working method whose bonding agent are Information and Communication Technologies, and whose aim is to continue helping unemployed people and employees, business people and entrepreneurs to choose the best tools and instruments made available to them by the Network.

The workshops have a hands-on, active, customized or group-based approach, as a way to improve the efficiency of the active job search process, whilst always bearing in mind training, previous knowledge, availability as well as personal and professional specific needs.

With these activities, the Spanish Association of Telecentre Networks (“Asociación Comunidad de Redes de Telecentros”) closes its edition of the Get Online Week, a campaign led in Europe by Telecentre-Europe and held from 23 to 29 March with over 19 participating countries.


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