Year of English & Information Technology 2009 – Sri Lanka.

Lunama Village is situated near the coastal plain 150 miles far to the down south from Colombo, The capital of Sri Lanka. The main carrier of this villagers are agriculture and fishing industry. DFOLRL [ District Foundation of Literacy at Rural Level ] organization had started and also that organization started an ICT center of that village in year 2005. Specially rural people can develop their IT knowledge and they can achieve communication facilities from this center as well as they can use Internet and E mail facilities from this. Not only that but also this center helped to develop agriculture and fishing industry. And also information services. Specially build up computer knowledge of this rural children. And also helped from IT technology for the people that doing some different different self employments.

Already rural children had represented to international examinations like e citizen ICDL. Now a days they are following their education with successfully by using computers.
Our organization had got some steps to develop the different government officers and many other parties through out the ICT subject in our district. This year has named as ICT and English language year, by the government. But now these children have a problem. That is they can’t get global knowledge directly because they haven’t good English knowledge.

All Children and youngers who connect with us is studying the English language as subject of their Schools. But they have less chances to use English. Because of that this children weren’t able to be clever in English.

But we try to use the English through the Village. Then we can develop the English knowledge of the people in our Village. and also we try to help them through information technology.

So we kindly ask upon from you please give your ideas and proposals to us, to develop this conditions.

01 The people who can spend their vacation in Sri Lanka and should have a ability to develop the English knowledge of our village children.

02 If you cant do like that you can discuss deferrent idea with our members in Virtual society and can improve their English knowelege by writing to a social Network.

03 If you are a manger of a Tele center you can connect your Tele center holders to our ICT Mini Campus virtual society and can exchange global knowledge.

04 About the online courses you know and that can introduce to our children

05 About the BPO Online jobs that can do by join in with you are center.

If you can help us from one above suggestions please write us. Your ideas will be very valuable for us to bright our children’s Future.

W.M.C.R.K Disanayaka,
D F O L R L Organization,
I C T Mini Campus Virtual Society

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