You are not alone - your library is with you!

In the Horodenkivska Martynovych Central Community Library, Ivano-Frankivsk region, Ukraine, there is a program to support single mothers and pregnant women in difficult life situations.

Librarians have organized the club You Are Not Alone and accept donations, including cash donations, clothing and toys. The club is connected with the local telecentre which provides these women with the Internet connection and basic computer skills. Some of them have found jobs through reading online ads, and others have written their first resume in the telecentre.

To increase awareness about the initiative, get more support from the community and, as a result, offer help to more people who need it, the librarians created the blog Your Are Not Alone.

The Internet is helping women support each other, develop networking, create online forums and even become mentors to others who need help.

Do you have similar projects to help women in your region? It is very important to let others know about your initiatives: more people will be inspired to organize new projects.

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