Young man's story from LT: Building CV from the very teen days

At a glance

Name: Justinas

City of residence: Vilnius

Age: 17 years

Hobby: photography, singing

Motto: failure is the mist through which you can see the victory


What do you plan to study? Why?

The future is a really wonderful thing as you do not know what can happen tomorrow or even in a few minutes. So I try not to think much about my future yet. Of course, from time to time my teachers, friends or parents mention it, so then I have to delve into my own thoughts. Since I am interested in many things, including areas related to information technologies, bio-technology, various subjects of national history or graphical design, I have no clue yet what I will choose for my studies. I hope one day to realize which way is the most suitable for me.

You have created a website for your School Council. Please, tell us more about it. How this idea came to your mind?

After joining the Vilnius Gabija gymnasium I decided to get involved in the school activities and was elected to the Council. As I was good at working with a variety of text editing, video making and other computer programs, I was appointed to administrate the website of the School Council. I was shocked to see the previous website! It looked like it was created a decade ago when modern website development programs did not exist! So I just had to create a new website. Our Council represents the students of the school in Lithuania and abroad, organizes many events, conferences and campaigns, so it was quite a challenge for me to develop a creative website and reflect all the energy of our Council.

How do you think it will help your future career?

Actually I never considered that, I do everything because I just like it. But I have no doubt it will have a positive impact on my future career. Everything I do now will be included in my CV: participation in school activities, various projects and competitions. But most important is the experience I gain from my activities that will definitely be useful for me in the future job.

What do you think is most important seeking for a job? Building a personal career?

Not giving up. In some situations a person has to try a thousand times before he succeeds. This is also true when looking for a job. All the motivation, energy and high expectations we put reaching our goals will not mean a thing if we give up. Even if you already have a job, there are thousands of possibilities to move forward and improve your career. Not giving up – this is what I wish for everybody!

What role IT plays in your life? Do you see yourself working in the IT sphere?

Well, nowadays IT is important in the life of every youngster. In my life it plays a very significant role. In addition to the website development and administration I am also editing our school newspaper and I am the author of its layout, I create design for various cases such as school fair or notebooks with our school attributes, and from time to time I edit videos. So it is true to say that IT consumes a huge part of my time. But I am also engaged in other fun activities: I am singing in the school choir and it is a wonderful experience allowing me to sometimes get away from the modern technologies and have a fun, creative and interesting spare time! But of course it takes only one word to answer the question whether I see myself working in the IT sphere. And the word is “YES”! My goal for the future is to establish an IT company. Only the time, my desire and determination will reveal whether I succeed or not.

What would you wish to young people trying to find their own way?

I wish to young people not to give up in any situation and seek for own path. To choose the profession that brings happiness, try avoiding opinions of others. And most importantly – smile and enjoy every day of your life :) There are no bad days, only our bad mood. Good luck!

Big thanks to Rita Šukytė, my best colleague, for translation this text!

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