Your Course: Digital Literacy (Tvoy Kurs) Program in Russia launches its 2nd year today!

Tvoy Kurs (Your Course: Digital Literacy) project is launching its second year with a Second All-Russia conference "Tvoy Kurs: Information Society Development", which is held in Moscow on February, 10-11, 2011.

The conference is organized by Microsoft together with PH International and the Institute of Information Society and brings together over 140 participants from the public and private sectors, international community and NGOs, including 70 coordinators from Tvoy Kurs centers.

The conference touches on e-skills training and professional development within the frameworks of e-government and economy development.  The main focus is the Tvoy Kurs (Your Course) initiative and its community digital literacy training, outcomes in 2010 and advancement and scaling in 2011. Tvoy Kurs coordinators also share their experiences and best practices, present theirachievements, analyze challenges and discuss the program development.

In 2010, Your Course: Digital Literacy Program, led by PH International, united 124 organizations from 70 cities. Thanks to our partner organizations, over 55,000 Russians learned basic computer skills which improved their employability and helped stay in touch with family and friends.  We are very thankful to our partners who facilitated all the training events. The conference celebrates the best centers for their performance, and the very best three centers have received special awards from Microsoft employees.


Since the very beginning of the project Microsoft employees demonstrated big interest to this citizenship initiative of the company and were involved in promoting the program and developing contacts with potential partners. Very soon the interest transformed into real passion and commitment to support Tvoy Kurs program development in their home cities all over Russia.

Today Microsoft employees located both in Moscow and in regional offices are effective advocates and supporters of Tvoy Kurs. They analyze societal environment, establish contacts with education institutions, NGOs, local administrations, disseminate information on the initiative among wide audiences, identify potential centers, facilitate partnerships with local organizations, coordinate and participate in public events.

This has been a great support for PHI's efforts to recruit new centers and manage the program in various, often very remote, Russian regions. Involvement of Microsoft employees as local experts and program advocates in the regions as well as coordinated and combined efforts of Microsoft nd PH make the whole program stronger, more efficient and trustworthy. Have you seen such involvement anywhere else? We think it's quite unique and we are very proud of it.


In 2011, the Your Course: Digital Literacy Program is planning to work with 120 organizations and assist over 60, 000 Russians in mastering computer skills to help them increase their employment opportunities, stay in the workforce, use e-government services and all the possibilities that ICTs present. Coordinators will be assisted in their work through webinars, sharing training materials, expert consultations, developing a special program toolkit and constant support from PH staff. YCDL will also be a part of Russian and international events,  such as Child Safety Online Week and European Get Online Week 2011.

Onward with OUR COURSE!

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