GOW2015 video from Serbia: “Inclusion through Skype technology”

GOW2015 video from Serbia: “Inclusion through Skype technology” The students of primary school for children with disabilities, "Smeh I suza", used the Online Week to make new friends, to revise syllabus and to have fun. Their math teacher, Biljana Veselinovic, took a template flash game, named Roll the dice, written by Alexandra-Maria Vukovic from Croatia, from the site https://sites.google.com/site/amvukovicmatematikaraznon/ and prepared a hundred tasks on the subject of dividing three-figure numbers. Then they invited the third-grade students of "Vuk Karadzic" elementary school from Zitkovac, in Moravac outpost, and their teacher Danijela Stefanovic via Skype to socialize and compete in the game Roll the dice. Students from Moravac used the laptop and video projector, and students from Aleksinac used their digital lab with computers and video projector. They shared the screen and competed via Skype. It was an inclusive class in which the children with disabilities were competing with the children from a regular school. Students from "Smeh I suza" elementary were using the computer application made by the students of Technical school , "15.Maj ", from Prokuplje and their supervising teacher, SladjanaTrajkovic. This application makes it easier for children with disabilities to master the basic math division operations. The result of the competition was not of great importance. More significant were new acquaintances, friendship and fun through a virtual competition. It was agreed that this kind of socializing should be continued and expanded to students from other schools in Serbia.

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Country: Serbia

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