GOW2016 video from Serbia: “Onlajn nedeljnik"


Our two schools: PS "Smeh i Suza",Aleksinac and PS "Vuk Karadzic", Žitkovac-Moravac, have joined forces with each other to create and implement Online Week this year.

The beginning of this extremely interesting week has been dedicated to mothers. Mothers from both schools attended Skype lecture about the good and bad sides of the Internet. In order to allow their children to be on the Net it is necessary for parents to be well informed and to know all the positive and negative aspects of the Internet communication.

In Religion teaching class with I-NIGMA android and tablet application good aspects of the Internet are used in order to answer the questions through the coding. This way we reviewed what we have learned.

In English language class the teacher have explained how to tell the time. The teacher has used interactive presentation. Pupils have answered questions interestedly and thus participated in an interactive quiz.

Using free internet applications for android phones and IOS, we have recorded short films showing experiments in natural sciences. During the class we have performed all the selected experiments together and checked the accuracy of the relevant principles of natural sciences (gravity, magnetism, density of solution).

We completed this eventful week with the most interesting act and marvellous magic tricks which we used to study the holographic images.

Throughout the wonderful friendship with correlating and linking school material we have learned a lot and had a good time also.


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Country: Serbia

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