Working Groups

UNITE IT Working Groups

We offer our community members the possibility to choose what sub-topic interests them particularly in the area of digital inclusion and where they can contribute more with their expertise, stories and resources.

The main benefits of joining a Working group on Unite-IT:

  • You can share your experience with professionals working in the same field and facing similar issues, you can ask for advise and help with your knowledge
  • You have exclusive access to webinars and capacity building workshops
  • You can find out when there are funding opportunities related to your topic
  • You can find partners from other organisations and form consortia to apply for funding
  • Together with the other members of the group you can collectively write and submit papers for relevant conferences, get invited to events as a speaker or contributor 
  • You can adjust your settings and receive notifications and news based on your personal interest
  • You can contribute to European policy (Telecentre Europe – the organisation that leads the UNITE IT network – is often called to contribute to European policy in the area of digital inclusion and we can channel your input and ideas through these groups).

The groups are moderated by designated Unite-IT members, but they are enriched by the participation of all of you - relevant stakeholders coming from business, society and policy fields.

You can choose between the following working groups (or join more than one group):

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