ALL DIGITAL Awards 2019 finalists: digital resource "becaMOS"




Year created: 2012

Resource owner: Fundación Esplai


BecaMOS is a project that is executed from the employability line of Red Conecta and through which the Microsoft Office Specialist certification is socialized, bringing it closer to young people between 16 and 30 years old who are trained and certified in collaboration with the entities of the territory in a partly subsidized way. Fundación Esplai has developed a methodology and appropriate training content to bring this official technical certification and international validity to ensure success in diverse groups with very different digital skills levels.

Esplai also offers advice and coordination for the development of the action. The main objectives of the project are:

  • To improve the employability of young people between 16 and 30 years of age by introducing a differentiating element in their curriculum.
  • To certify the digital competences of the participants in the telecentres, both professionals and end users.
  • To bring technical certification closer to groups at risk of exclusion


The impact up to June 2018 is more than 15,000 certifications carried out, with an average success rate of 85%. But our best ambassador is Lluís Duran a success story who in 2014 agreed to record this video about the impact the project had on his life:

We have also recently received the award at the PUE Academy Day 2019 for the "Best Authorized Certification Center MOS 2019" from Belén Gancedo, Director of Education at Microsoft Ibérica and Craig Bushman Vice President of Marketing at Certiport.  See the blog here.


One of the characteristics of the project is its interoperability, that is, the number of different entities involved: Town Councils, Social Entities, Companies, Educational Centres and others. Esplai acts as coordinator offering the methodology and the human and technical resources so that from a small entity in the rural environment to a Town Hall in a medium-sized municipality can carry out the project.

PUE is the main supplier of the licenses and Esplai provides funding to the project through Red Conecta project linked to the public funding of the Ministry of Spain. In any case, it is a methodology adaptable to different countries as the certification offered has international validity. The project is sustainable taking into account the joint action of the private sector, the public administration and the coordinated action of more than 60 entities in the territory that is committed to youth employability.

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