ALL DIGITAL Awards 2019 finalists: digital resource "TuCertiCyL"




Year created: 2017

Resource owner: Regional Government of Castilla y León (Spain) - member of Association Somos Digital


Tucerticyl is an open-source software platform for the certification of digital competences of the citizens. It has been developed by the regional government of Castilla y León (Spain) to assess and certify citizens on their digital competences. The certification is fully-compliant with the DIGCOMP framework.

Tucerticyl is not a self-assessment tool, but a comprehensive end-to-end evaluation platform where the user takes an exam in a classroom or controlled environment.

A video presenting the certification system can be seen:

The exams generated by the certification platform have different questions, simulations and challenges that involve using applications and tools in a practical way. (Demo of the exam ). Tucerticyl is the first open-source digital competence certification tool developed in Europe. The digital resource product consists of the software platform for certification and a database containing over 1,400 questions.


Tucerticyl is the platform used by the regional government of Castilla y León (the widest region in Europe with a population of over 2.4 million inhabitants) to provide official certification of digital competences of their citizens. More than 1,000 people have already been examined and more than 700 official certifications have been issued.

The purpose of the certification is to encourage citizens to learn and use digital technologies to improve their employability opportunities and to provide public and private entities with a mechanism to objectively assess the competences of employees who may join their organizations.

Feedback from users: “Thanks to Tucerticyl, now I can prove in my CV that I effectively have the digital skills to work in any company. My employability chances have dramatically increased!”. “After taking the exam with Tucerticyl, I know what I have to improve to master all my digital skills. Now I can learn all those skills by myself or in a digital competence center”.


The software can be given for free to any other public organization within the EU. In Spain, there is an ongoing collaboration agreement with the regional government of Andalusia, to share the certification software platform and to work jointly in the certification on digital competences.

The software has been developed in widely used programming languages (PHP), so it can be easily installed and maintained by any developer. Besides, it uses open-source operating systems and platforms (Linux, Apache, etc.). Just a conventional server is required to host the software platform. The software can be effortlessly translated into any other language. The question database can also be translated and adapted to different regions in Europe. The regional government of Castilla y León will continuously use and maintain the platform, thus ensuring the sustainability of the product. The certification is free of charge for the citizens, although other charging models can be used.

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